Kakimori Planner - Winnie - B6

The Kakimori Planner is an Undated B6 Spiral Planner with a hardcover to protect your planning throughout the year. Featuring blank monthly spreads, feel free to start using it at anytime during the year or just when you have a project to fill it with. Each notebook is made from a section on single roll of fabric, resulting in a slightly unique pattern each time.

The B6 Spiral Planners were made in collaboration with various Japanese artists. Winnie is designed by Chika Higashi, founder of Coci la elle. She is a self-taught maker of unique hand-painted parasols. Her designs range from umbrella-themed artworks to patterns inspired by nature and daily life. No two parasols are alike, each adorned with her signature use of color and techniques.

For many years, Kakimori has been well-known for their custom handmade notebooks that they produce in-store. Customers of Kakimori make the trip to their elegant shop in downtown Tokyo to choose from a range of papers, uniquely beautiful covers designed by independent artists and creatives, and binding and closure style. These special notebooks from Kakimori feature limited edition covers made to evoke a sense of Japan and if you are ever there, you may even wish to take Kakimori up on their refill services to breathe life into your notebooks once you've used up all their pages. 

While you have the choice of customizing your notebooks with Kakimori, this notebook comes with a paper cover with a bright and splashy fun cover, split spiral binding which ensures comfort when writing and grid fountain pen friendly paper

  • Undated Monthly Planner
  • Split spiral binding
  • Size: B6
  • 5mm grid
  • Bank Paper
  • 112 pages: 12 monthly pages + 100 gridded pages
  • Refill services available in Kakimori's store or by post to Kakimori
About Kakimori:

Located in downtown Tokyo, Japan, Kakimori boasts a deep connection with the people of the town and its customers. They value the importance of storytelling and the joy associated with handcrafted goods and writing by hand. They value coexistence with the four major elements (Air, Water, Earth and Soil) and use these ideals to blend business and economy. They are well known and well loved for their fountain pen ink store where one can custom-mix ink colors.