Kakimori Ink Cleaning Solution

Kakimori Ink Cleaning Solution

This cleaning solution is designed for cleaning Kakimori rollerball and fountain pen nibs used with Kakimori pigment inks. To rejuvenate a blocked nib, immerse in the solution and allow it to soak. See below for more detailed instructions.

Note: This cleaning solution is only suitable for Kakimori pens and pigment inks. It is not recommended for pens by other brands.

  • Contains: 1 bottle of Kakimori ink cleaning solution


Directions for Cleaning

Things you'll need:

  • Pen to be cleaned
  • Soft cloth or tissue

Instructions for fountain pens and rollerball pens:

  1. Remove the converter and rinse the nib under running water. Point downwards and run water through the nib.
  2. Place the nib, pointing down, directly in the ink cleaning solution bottle. If the nib floats, close the lid on the bottle and gently shake up and down until the nib is completely immersed.
  3. Leave to soak for 9-12 hours.
  4. Rinse under running water as per step 1. The solution may leave a white powdery residue if allowed to dry. Rinse the nib thoroughly. Wash hands thoroughly after rinsing.
  5. Place a tissue over the nib and shake vigorously to remove any ink or water residue.
  6. Note: Ink will be watery at first from residual water from the previous step. The original ink consistency will return with use. To prevent nib damage from friction, avoid applying excessive pressure until the ink reaches full viscosity.

Instructions for dip pen nibs:

Kakimori ink cleaning solution can be used to remove stubborn dried ink from dip pen nibs. Gently clean with a toothbrush and a little solution, without soaking. Avoid soaking brass nibs as they may discolor.