Kakimori Color Liner

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The Kakimori Color Liner is a felt tip pen created to let you enjoy your favorite fountain pen ink with ease. To assemble, soak the inner cotton with an ink of your choice, insert into the pen body, and cap the tail end to seal. Once closed, the color liner can't be re-opened, so choose your ink color wisely! If traveling, it is recommended to fill the color liner once you get to your destination, as leaking can occur with air pressure changes. For best results, use with your favorite Kakimori ink, specially blended Kakimori Inkstand ink, or any pigment ink. 

  • The 0.3mm nib is perfect for when you want to write in detail or outline over a pencil drawing.
  • The 0.5mm nib is recommended for writing notes, small memos, or inking artwork.
  • The brush type is very useful when writing message cards and drawing pictures.
  • The marker type can be used as a highlighter, or it can be used as a chisel marker for bold lettering or inking large areas of artwork.