J. Herbin

J. Herbin - Créations D’artistes - Shogun by Kenzo Takada - 50mL bottled ink

“Créations D’artistes”, a new exclusive range of inks from the Jacques Herbin collection honors talented personalities by commemorating them with a new shade, each unique to the soul of the artist.  

Kenzo Takada was a world renowned designer and creator who drew inspiration from around the world, while always keeping a distinct Japanese touch. He co-founded a luxury home and lifestyle brand K三 («K3»), taking on the title of artistic director. The eponymous ink is a homage to this extraordinary artist. 

The ink is twilight-hued and features fine red and gold glitter that resembles a sparkling night sky. Kenzo Takada held a fine regard for the beauty of certain armours from the Shogun era, which the resulting color is reminiscent of.

  • 50ml 
  • Shimmering ink
  • Dye-based

The history of J. Herbin goes back to 1670 in Paris, where Herbin was a sailor and brought back formulas for creating sealing wax and inks from his journeys to India. Many famous and noteworthy historical figures including Louis XIV and Coco Chanel have used Herbin sealing wax and their first line of inks was named "The Jewel of Inks." In 1798, Jacques Herbin, the 4th generation family member, moved the Herbin factory and around this time was when the steel nib dip pen began to replace quills for writing. Herbin continued to create inks throughout the 1800s, creating India Ink in 1829 and their violet ink becoming a popular color for students to use. Today, J. Herbin continues to produce a beautiful collection of writing supplies from inks, dip pens, stationery, waxes and seals, and more.