Hobonichi x ONE PIECE Pencil Board - Memories


Out of the Hobonichi Original accessories, the Hobonichi Pencil Board is one of the most popular items. Keeping it underneath the page you’re writing on allows the reinforcement to provide an enjoyable writing experience. They fit perfectly to the size of the techo book, and will prevent your pen from sliding on the page, and not leave indentations on the opposite page, making for a comfortable writing experience. 

Memories is a series of pencil board designs made in collaboration with ONE PIECE magazine, which dives into the charms of the hit manga series One Piece. The designs include some of the memorable banquet scenes from the series. 

The ONE PIECE pencil boards come in three sizes: the A6 Original/Planner size, the A5 Cousin size, and the Weeks size. With these pencil boards, you can carry around illustrations of the Straw Hat Crew!

  • The A6 size has a scene from Fish-Man Island, which is from Volume 66.
  • The A5 size has a scene from Skypiea, which is from Volume 32.
  • The Weeks size has a scene from Alabasta, which is from Volume 23.

The scenes depict a moment of fun shared with friends met along the way during the crew’s big adventure, and you can almost hear the music and laughter just by looking at them. These designs will bring a bit of joy to your everyday life.

The back includes a panel from the comic, and on the bottom left corner is a special collaboration logo for ONE PIECE magazine x Hobonichi. One side is labeled by millimeter to act as a metric ruler, and a “Today” tab on the corner to mark the current page if you’d like to use it as a bookmark as well.

These pencil boards match the One Piece Hobonichi Techo Covers for the A6 Planner, A5 Cousin, and Weeks.

(c)Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA