Hobonichi x ONE PIECE Magazine: Versatile Clear Stamps

These clear stamps feature images from the manga series One Piece. It includes frames and illustrations you can stamp in your techo or anywhere you want. The designs were made in collaboration with ONE PIECE magazine, which dives into the charms of the hit manga series in order to help fans further enjoy the world of One Piece. The clear stamp set includes an acrylic base and pieces of imagery you can lay out freely onto the base. Peel your stamp of choice from the sticker sheet and stick it to the acrylic base to use it. You can also mix and match the stamp designs to make whatever you like. Each adhesive stamp piece can be reused many times, so have fun experimenting with designs. Because the acrylic base is see-through, you can line up the stamp perfectly with the techo’s graph paper for a clean application. There are endless uses to these stamps if you use your imagination. For example, you could designate each image as a meaningful icon: use the Wanted poster to write in things you want, the meat to indicate meals you’ve had, the belly currency to indicate money, or the straw hat to indicate something you need to return. You can use these stamps on anything, from the Hobonichi Techo’s monthly and daily pages to letters, notes, and greeting cards.

(c)Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA