Hobonichi Small Drawer Pouch - Black

The Hobonichi Small Drawer Pouch is like carrying an entire drawer with you wherever you go. Keep it on hand to easily access stationery whenever you need it, or use it on your desk to safely store your important items. The pouch is the size of a long wallet, and the left side has three pockets that can hold cards, rulers, scissors, and other flat objects, while the right side has a large zipper compartment. The pouch can lay open completely flat when it’s unzipped, making it easy to glance inside and grab what you need.

This design features a black cotton material that matches well with any other belongings or bags, and contains a beige interior to complete its nice, subtle look. The zipper pull contains a looped strap for easy handling.

Please note: The Small Drawer Pouch cannot store a Hobonichi Techo Weeks book unless it is empty and stretched.

  • Size: 8.2in (20.8 cm)x 4.6in (11.7cm) x 0.8in (2cm), Handle: 4.3in (11cm)
    *Specifications may vary slightly