Hobonichi Plans More Important Than Work Stickers

Illustrated by Shinsuke Yoshitake, these transparent stickers portray characters doing things “more important than work,” like recording an album in New York, attending a Nobel Prize Ceremony, and having the final showdown with the Prince of Darkness! The stickers are made to fit nicely into the day square of the Hobonichi Techo's monthly calendar, as well as the weeks rectangles. 

Full List of Activities:

  1. Album recording in New York
  2. Elope
  3. Attend Nobel Prize ceremony
  4. Photo shoot in Spain
  5. Audition for musical “Annie”
  6. Give speech at U.N.
  7. Rehearse for NHK's year-end song festival
  8. Bowling with the Queen
  9. Infiltrate enemy hideout
  10. Rehearsal for back-to-back concerts in Budokan arena
  11. CIA training
  12. Scope out Mt. Everest
  13. Final round of interviews for becoming an astronaut
  14. Costume arrangements for Broadway
  15. Dinner with Italian ambassador
  16. Final showdown with the Prince of Darkness
  17. Sign with the Yankees
  18. Final check before rocket launch
  19. High altitude training
  20. International Aerospace Physics Society meeting
  21. Attend lighting of the tree
  22. Karaoke with the Pope
  23. Proceed with trade to Real Madrid
  24. Unveiling of my bronze statue