Hobonichi Plain Notebook - Yamazakura by Tomitaro Makino - A6

After many years of customer requests for a Hobonichi Plain Notebook, Hobonichi released a plain graph notebook with the same look and feel of an undated Hobonichi Techo. Over the years, many artists have collaborated to created unique covers for this handy notebook.

Yamazakura was designed by Dr. Tomitaro Makino, a botanist also known as the Father of Japanese Botany. The illustrations that have become one of Dr. Makino’s masterpieces were drawn about 120 years ago during the Meiji Era, using loupes and microscopes for detailed observation and creating drawings that show the entire shape of the Yamazakura branches, shapes of the petals, and structures of various parts. Using a Makie painting brush with a bundle of mouse hairs, they are expressed clearly through shading that conveys the solidity of the flower's living petals.

The notebook size is the same as the A6 Techo, which makes it compatible with any of the A6 Hobonichi Techo covers. The cover is great for storing items like pens or sticky notes, and provides a very convenient user experience.

You can also use several notebooks and establish a single theme to keep across each book.

The notebook is also a great supplement to the Hobonichi Techo, or simply a slim notebook to keep by your side for filling with lots of writings or drawings.

  • Also available in A5