Hobonichi Pencil Board - Tomitaro Makino


Tools & Toys is a series of original stationery and accessories that go great with the Hobonichi Techo. These fit perfectly to the size of the techo book and provides a comfortable writing experience. The “Today” tab on the corner marks the current page if you’d like to use it as a bookmark as well. 

These pencil boards were designed in collaboration with Dr. Tomitaro Makino, known as the father of Japanese botany.

The A5 pencil board is a colored botanical illustration of a Korogi-ran. Dr. Makino's original memos written with pencil are preserved in the design. The back is a green to mirror the stem of a Korogi-ran. 

The A6 pencil board displays a precise botanical illustration of a Kanto dandelion and Japanese thistle. The back is a bright yellow that matches the dandelion.

For the Weeks pencil board, the global thistle, cornflower, chamomile, and calendula flowers are illustrated in sumi ink, showing how each flower is attached. The back is a dusky pastel purple to match the global thistle.