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Hitotoki Pop-Up Stickers

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Hitotoki Pop-Up Stickers. Remember pop-up books from your childhood, and how turning each page to see characters rise off the page was so magical? These pop-up stickers from Hitotoki hope to achieve that same level of joy and wonder.

These adorable stickers are perfect for adding a special touch to your planner, calendar, or including in greeting cards and letters as a little surprise!

The bottom edge of the sticker is perforated and when you fold the page or close your book, the sticker folds flat, but when you open the page again, the sticker pops up!

  • Each pack contains one sheet of 20-25 pop-up stickers
  • Made from vinyl
  • Available in: Garden, Animals, Gourmet, Aliens, Dogs, Cats, Dinosaurs, and Holiday

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