King Jim

Hitotoki Notebook - Comic Size - Refill

Notebook Refill for the Hitotoki Notebook Comic Size
The Comic size is comfortable to hold in your hands like a book. The notebook has grid pages that can easily be divided into sections. There are 3 blank boxes on the top left corner of each page that can be used to fill in today's date, the weather, or anything else you might like. Using the dots on the left and right edges of each spread, you can divide each page into 3 parts, so you can write about three different topics each day, or use the spread as a 6-day journal. The notebook lays flat and has perforated pages that tear off neatly.
  • Size: 174 x 112 x 5 mm (6.85 x 4.4 x 0.2 in)
  • 99 pages
  • Also available in Passport and Square size