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Hitotoki Flake Sticker Adult Seal Collection Book

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With Hitotoki's Flake Sticker Adult Seal Collection Book, you can organize and carry each flake sticker you own! This book is made with clear plastic pocket envelope pages so that you can view and store flake stickers and seals with ease. To collect, simply place stickers in pocket envelope and insert the flap into the slit to close. 

Included with the book are two small portable plastic pocket envelopes to take your select favorite flake stickers with you. Simply tuck the filled pocket envelopes inside the carrying pocket found on the inside cover of the booklet, or toss them in your own carrying case to keep your stickers with you - separately from the booklet. 
Collecting stickers are for adults, too! Whenever you want to reminisce over all of the cool limited edition flake stickers you've ever had, simply flip through your booklet and enjoy! 
  • 8 Pages x 3 Pockets Per Page = 24 Total Storage Pockets
  • Pocket Pages are one-sided
  • Includes 2 Portable Pocket Envelopes
  • One pocket on inside cover for Portable Envelopes
  • Available in Yellow, Yellow Green, Purple, Navy
  • Pocket Envelopes (on pages): 10cm (3.9in) x 6cm (2.4in)
  • Small Portable Pocket Envelopes: 5.5cm (2.2in) x 9cm (3.5in)
  • Book (closed): 22.5cm x 11.5cm x 2cm 
  • Please note: flake stickers pictured are not included