Hightide Penco Daily Memo Block Calendar 2024

Hightide Penco Daily Memo Block Calendar. This Hightide Calendar features a memo on each page that is glue bound and ready to tear off each day. The large memo space allows you to write down your plans and to-dos for the day. The simple yet playful design is finished with the Penco's logo and graphics on the sides and back explaining the size and other fun information - like how to tie a tie - ! 

  • Dated from January 1st, 2024 - December 31st, 2024
  • Daily glue bound tear-off pages
  • Ready to hang with cardboard backing
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About Hightide:

Hightide is relatively a new stationery company comparing to other hundred year old brands, but Hightide does stationery in a far more interesting way. When you think about stationery, it’s typically pen, paper, ink and notebook. But when you look at your desk, the tools on the table top is more than just pen and paper — you might need a pen holder, an organizer and other accessories on the table. Those accessories are part of your writing routine as well, and Hightide wants you to feel happiness even when you use the most ordinary accessory on your desk.