Hightide Marble Desk Tray - Small - Navy

These melamine marbled desk trays are simple in design, and are great for organizing objects on your desk and around the house. Use it to neatly store pens, clips, washi tapes, and other loose stationeries, or as a decorative tray to place keys and other objects around the home. There are slight differences in the marbling pattern of each tray. 

About Hightide:

Hightide is relatively a new stationery company comparing to other hundred year old brands, but Hightide does stationery in a far more interesting way. When you think about stationery, it’s typically pen, paper, ink and notebook. But when you look at your desk, the tools on the table top is more than just pen and paper — you might need a pen holder, an organizer and other accessories on the table. Those accessories are part of your writing routine as well, and Hightide wants you to feel happiness even when you use the most ordinary accessory on your desk.