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Ferris Wheel Press - The Three Little Pigs - Curious Woods

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Ferris Wheel Press - The Three Little Pigs - Curious Woods

As part of the FerriTales series, under the dappled canopy of the thick forest, the Big Bad Wolf creeps with a sinister grace, eyes glinting and cunning. As minutes pass, he watches a familial scene unfold. The eldest of the pig siblings works diligently, getting more annoyed as his younger siblings frolic, only feigning hard work. For a moment the wolf reconsiders his targets, unsure if he wants to interject on such a tense family scene, or if his appetite being sated is worth the awkward conversation. Let the ash brown of this ink inspire your next deep musings and bring flow to creative tensions.

  • 20ml
  • Ash Brown with Duochrome green/pink shimmer

Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian based stationery company, well known for their beautifully and intricately designed packaging and rich fountain pen inks. Established on Kickstarter over a decade ago, they focus on creating products that can be cherished over a life time and hope to inspire creativity and whimsicality with everything they make, encouraging others to "Fall in love with writing again."