Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press - Stroke of Midnight

Get ready for the New Year with this N.Y.E themed ink! Inspired by the beautiful firework displays that grace the night sky as the clock strikes 12, Stroke of Midnight features a deep indigo blue base with red sheen and mixed tone shimmer to capture the feeling of the finale of the firework shows!
  • 38 ml
  • Midnight blue base color with a red sheen and mixed metallic shimmer

Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian based stationery company, well known for their beautifully and intricately designed packaging and rich fountain pen inks. Established on Kickstarter over a decade ago, they focus on creating products that can be cherished over a life time and hope to inspire creativity and whimsicality with everything they make, encouraging others to "Fall in love with writing again."