Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press - Down the Rabbit Hole - Green with Curiosity

Inspired by classic moments in Alice in Wonderland, each ink in the Down the Rabbit Hole series features an array of enchanting shimmers and sheens to captivate all writers. 

Green with Curiosity is a nod to the curiosity of Alice entering Wonderland. Stuck in a room with so many locks and the promise of so many keys. The many colors in this ink from the green ink to the red sheen and blue shimmer are a window into a world with many possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.
  • 20ml, Miniature Globe Bottle
  • Emerald Green, Red Sheen, Blue Shimmer
  • Best used with medium or broader nibs

Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian based stationery company, well known for their beautifully and intricately designed packaging and rich fountain pen inks. Established on Kickstarter over a decade ago, they focus on creating products that can be cherished over a life time and hope to inspire creativity and whimsicality with everything they make, encouraging others to "Fall in love with writing again."