Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen - Winter White - Piston Filler

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Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen - Winter White - Piston Filler

As a continuation to the Estie Raven with its piston filling mechanism, this Estie in Winter White is a limited time production crafted from snow-white acrylic accented with gold trim. This pen features a button-piston mechanism that draws ink into the barrel with just the press of the button—a fast, easy built-in filling experience new to Esterbrook pens. A clear ink window in the barrel allows you to see how much ink you have left. Its translucent design is reminiscent of pure fallen snow, or the swirling ice patterns on a frozen lake.

The Esterbrook Estie is part of Esterbrook's classic core collection of fountain pens. Made of acrylic, it is well balanced and comfortable to hold both unposted or posted for a larger feel. The cap features a spring-loaded mechanism to help prevent the nib from drying out.

 Estie Dimensions:

  • Length Capped: 
  • 15.0 cm / 5.9 inches
  • Length Posted: 17.0 cm / 6.7 inches
  • Grip Section Diameter: 1.11 cm
  • Full Diameter: 1.54 cm
  • Weight: 23g

Esterbrook is well known for offering fountain pens that have the following unique custom nibs made by nibmeisters:

    • The Journaler nib was crafted by nibmeister Gena Salorino. It is a medium nib that has been ground to a stub italic, allowing the nib to write with more flair without taking up too much space on the page.
    • The Scribe nib was crafted by 
    • nibmeister Josh Lax. It is an architect nib grind, allowing the pen to create broad horizontal strokes and fine vertical strokes. This nib shape is commonly used by Arabic and Hebrew calligraphers, and it was used by many historical scribes to record information.
    • The Needlepoint nib was crafted by 
    • nibmeister Kirk Speer. It is a fine nib that has been ground to an ultra-fine point, creating a perfect nib for those with small or intricate handwriting. Since the nib is so thin, it doesn't put down much ink at any given time, making it a more quick-drying fountain pen option but also great for handling wetter inks.
    • The Techo nib was crafted by nibmeister CY of Tokyo Station Pens. It is a nag style nib 
  • designed to be an all-in-one nib. The grind allows the pen to create line variations depending on the angle at which the pen is held. Thicker lines appear at a lower angle, and thinner lines appear at higher angle.

About Esterbrook:

Esterbook began manufacturing nibs in the US in the mid 1800s, but the 1930s were monumental for them, as they introduced their first interchangeable nib system in 1933. The interchangeable nibs gave the user many options for writing, whether in school, business, or for personal use. Today, a similar system is reborn with the Estie and Esterbrook's specially engineered MV Nib Adaptor, which delivers a vintage nib experience with a modern shape Esterbrook pen.