Eric Small Things x SANBY Sealing Wax Set

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The Eric Small Things x SANBY Sealing Wax Set is a comprehensive set of everything you need for creating a wax seal. The sealing stamp comes in three different designs, featuring some every day stationery objects such as a fountain pen, a desk lamp, a notebook, and an ink bottle. Also in the set are wooden handle for the seal, a small jar containing wax tablets ("Pills") in three colors, and a wax spoon and a tea candle for melting the tablets. The different colored wax pills can be used independently or mixed together. 

  • Package dimensions: 8 in (20.4 cm) x 1.25 in (3.2 cm) x 4.7 in (12.0 cm) 
  • Stamp size: 25mm Diameter
  • Includes sealing stamp, wood handle, wax spoon, tea light candle, and a jar of wax pills.
  • Wax pills come in colors Iron blue, Silver green, and Graysh blue

About Eric Small Things and SANBY Japan:

Erico Matsubara, also known as Eric Small Things, is a Japanese illustrator and eraser stamp artist who is known for her small and nostalgic stationery-themed drawings. Matsubara, who started out by personally carving her illustrations onto small rubber stamps, likens the process of hand-carving stamps to that of “shoveling snow”. These stamped illustrations are used as various designs in stationery items such as postcards, stamps, and masking tapes. You can find more of her work on Instagram @eric_smallthings.

SANBY Japan, founded in 1956, is a renowned original brand manufacturer of rubber stamps. Their products are well-known and widely loved for their timeless designs, sturdy build, and practicality. This collaboration between Eric Small Things and SANBY Japan brings together an up-and-coming designer and a classic brand to introduce a brand new collection of cute, innovative, and high-quality stamps.