Eric Small Things x SANBY Self-inking Schedule Icon Stamp

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The Eric Small Things x SANBY Schedule Icon Stamp are a set stamps that stack into a tiny tower that makes them easy to bring around and fit in a small pencase. The stamp is already inked with oil-based water-resistant ink, which you can color over once it is dry without it smudging. The stamp color corresponds to the color of the icon indicated on the exterior stamp body.

Perfect for stamping in a planner or calendar, these adorable stamps are available in five designs featuring illustrations of Erico Matsubara aka eric small things. When kept capped and stored properly when not in use, it is estimated that each stamp can be used 1000 times!

To open, twist and pull apart. Each stamp can be stacked in any order.

  • Stamp size: ~ 1cm x 1cm
  • 4 designs per stamp tower


About Eric Small Things and SANBY Japan:

Erico Matsubara, also known as Eric Small Things, is a Japanese illustrator and eraser stamp artist who is known for her small and nostalgic stationery-themed drawings. Matsubara, who started out by personally carving her illustrations onto small rubber stamps, likens the process of hand-carving stamps to that of “shoveling snow”. These stamped illustrations are used as various designs in stationery items such as postcards, stamps, and masking tapes. You can find more of her work on Instagram @eric_smallthings.

SANBY Japan, founded in 1956, is a renowned original brand manufacturer of rubber stamps. Their products are well-known and widely loved for their timeless designs, sturdy build, and practicality. This collaboration between Eric Small Things and SANBY Japan brings together an up-and-coming designer and a classic brand to introduce a brand new collection of cute, innovative, and high-quality stamps.