Dux Brass Pencil Sharpener - Wedge Double

Dux Brass Pencil Sharpener - Wedge Double

  • Double hole pencil sharpener
  • Works with pencils of all diameters
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Wedge Single also available 

About Dux: In 1908, Theodore Paul Mobius invented the cone-shaped pencil sharpener in Germany. With his innovative sharpener, T. Paul Mobius went on to start his own pencil sharpening manufacturing company, named after himself, and his brother, Alfred Mobius along with associate Heinrich Rupert, went on to start another influential pencil sharpener manufacturing company, M+R. T. Paul Mobius's company was taken over by DUX in the 1980's as pencils had been in decline for a few decades after the invention of the ballpoint pen. Today, DUX sharpeners are produced in Bavaria and can easily be identified by the unique and nostalgic look of their sharpeners, which continue to be made in solid brass, Duroplast (a plastic similar to Bakelite), solid aluminum and strong plastic.