Cozyca - Midori Asano Note Pad


After living and working in England as a graphic designer in advertising production, Midori Asano returned to Japan and began work as a freelance illustrator. She is currently based in Saitama, Japan and has recently worked with Maruman to create adorable illustrations for special stationery including washi tapes, sketch books and flake stickers to commemorate their 100th anniversary. Asano's time living and traveling in Europe is strongly represented in her illustrations that depict rustic scenes of country and home living. We love the cozy feeling of her designs. These note pads, made with Mino washi paper and designed in collaboration with Midori Asano, feature her idyllic illustrations.

  • Material: Mino washi paper
  • Dimensions: 6.6 in (16.7 cm) x 3.1 in (8 cm)
  • Each pad has 20 sheets total (4 designs x 5 each) 

Cozyca was started in 2013 by the well-established stationery company, Hyogensha, which had been founded in 1948. Cozyca was launched to promote the works of independent artists and inspire writers by making available beautiful stationery that depicts the view from different artists' worlds. Cozyca also has a store in Kyoto called Hiraeth that displays all the artist collaboration stationery designs they produce as well as exhibits different artists' works in their gallery on the top floor. We would love to visit their adorable shop and gallery one day!