Coccoina Glue Stick

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Coccoina Glue Stick

This elegant glue stick with a pleasant marzipan scent tells a bit of stationery history. In 1927, Italian businessman Aldo Balma invented a new unbreakable aluminum packaging for solid glue in order to compete with the common glue sold in glass jars at the time. The ingenious aluminum can featured a brush holder in the middle of the can with a brush that could deploy thin layers of the glue. With the addition of a sweet almond scent, the glue quickly became popular and eventually a staple in Italian and European schools and offices. 

The Coccoina glue in the aluminum can was used widely in Europe in the 50's and is a nostalgic item to this day for many people. The iconic almond scent brings one right back to their childhood memory of using the glue in the can with a brush. Now in convenient stick form, the Coccoina glue is easy to use and environment friendly. The acid and solvent free glue is non-toxic and water soluble, making it easy to wipe away excess with water and safe around children.  

  • Quick drying and wrinkle free
  • Water soluble
  • Available in 40g and 20g 
  • 40g: 12.5 x 3cm diameter (5 x 1.2 in) 
  • 20g: 10 x 2.5cm diameter (4 x 1 in)


About Coccoina

Coccoina is a brand derived from Balma, Capoduri & C which was founded in 1924. With a heavy emphasis on quality from the product down to the packaging, Coccoina glue has remained an iconic office staple in Italy for many! 

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