Classiky - Tomotake Letterpress Cat Coaster

Tomotake is a Japanese textile company founded by designers and husband-and-wife team, Masahiro Asabu and Hiroko Asabu. Masahiro studied the art of dyeing at the Tokyo University of the Arts where he took great inspiration from the famed dorozome mud dyeing techniques of the small Japanese island, Amami Oshima. Masahiro would often draw on cloth using mud from the nearby rice fields. When dyeing with iron, the colors of each pattern or design change from bluish charcoal to a gentle grey-brown. Tomotake combines hand dyed mud designs and letterpress with embroidery thread to create natural and faded pieces of art. Together, as dyer and designer, Masahiro and Hiroko bring earthy designs to life and paper through Tomotake.

The original design of this cat coaster was initially created using Tomotake's signature hand mud-dyeing technique and embroidery thread on cloth fabric, and then re-imagined on paper using the letterpress technique.

  • Dimensions: 3 in (7.6 cm) x 3.8 in (9.6 cm)
  • 5 coasters included
  • Die-cut
  • May also be used as a sweet card to leave a note of thank you, or to send well wishes with a gift