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CDT Jabara Accordion Writing Paper Letter Set

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The manufacturer of this accordion style letter set is Haibara, which was established in 1806 and has been based in Nihonbashi, Tokyo for more than 200 years; they were one of the first paper companies to export Japanese paper and import Western paper during the Meiji period.

CDT Jabara Accordion Writing Paper Letter Set has a very unique and smart design that allows you to customize your paper length to however long your letter needs to be. The paper packaging is folded up into a folder-like container. When you want to write your letter, open the flap and unfold the folder: on one side you will find the envelopes and on the other side you will find the letter paper, which is folded up accordion style. The letter paper is in one continuous sheet with perforations where the folds occur so you can rip your letter off at the nearest perforation allow you to avoid wasting paper and large blocks of white space at the end of your letter or note. We love how everything is folded into a neat and portable package that you can easily bring around with you.

  • Dimensions (folded up): 3.7 in (9.5 cm) x 8.3 in (21 cm) 
  • 90 perforated sections
  • 10 envelopes
  • Letter paper folded accordion style
  • Grid pattern: 5mm grid 
  • Lined pattern: 1 cm line spacing

About Craft Design Technology:

Craft Design Technology combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship and innovation. The three elements, traditional colors, ancient pattern and the modern angle, are used in their design to redefine everyday stationery. They work with established manufacturers in Japan to incorporate their design on top of the existing standard products -- giving them a refreshing and futuristic look. "When you change your stationery, your desktop transforms. And when one person, then another, starts to focus on the details… The entire office space is transformed."

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