CARL Angel5 Pencil Sharpener - One's Color - Premium-3


CARL Angel5 Pencil Sharpener - One's Color - Premium-3. CARL Pencil Sharpeners are known for its high quality and reliability. It features a smooth manual crank mechanism that automatically feeds your pencil in as it sharpens. Simply pinch the top prongs to unlock and open the metal pencil holder, insert your pencil, then turn the metal crank to sharpen. The Angel5 Pencil Sharpener can detect when it's at the perfect sharpness and stops sharpening, preventing over-sharpening. The transparent tray to catch shavings is easy to remove and clean.

The sharpener is made of a sturdy steel case and aluminum internal gears. It also features rubber feet which prevents the sharpener from slipping on your desk. 

  • One's Color line available in Jellyfish, Chameleon, Alpaca, and Flamingo
  • Dimensions: 2.87" x 4.76" x 5.19" (7.3 cm x 12.1 cm x 13.2 cm) 
  • Compatible with standard hexagon, triangle and circle shaped pencils
  • Royal-3 version also available
  • Please note: This item is large and fragile. An automatic boxed shipping fee will apply to orders under $100 in order to properly protect the item.

About CARL:

CARL has been designing paper hole punch products since 1949. They started to produce small paper hole punches using press-steel plate technology, which was unusual at that time. They are best known for their classic Angel5 Sharpener, which was the winner of the 20th ISOT Awards in 2011.