Bushimen 不是闷 X KOKUYO PAL Planner 2024

PAL Planner is a new planner designed by Bushimen in collaboration with Kokuyo. 2022 was the first year of its release, and we are happy to bring it back this year. The starting concept of the PAL planner is "Plan And Log" by utilizing the division line in each daily section. An example usage is to have the division line as daily timeline. The left side could be used as daily to-dos planning, and the right side could be used as a record logging what actually got done. The division line is unmarked, so the timeline can be customized, and be flexible depending on your daily routine.

The planner is B6 with 4mm graph MIO paper by Kokuyo. It features yearly, monthly, weekly overviews, checklist pages and graph pages. All pages are numbered. 

  • Size: B6 (4.9" x 6.9")
  • Language: English and Chinese (for denoting lunar dates) 
  • December Start
  • Monday Start
  • Total Pages: 192
  • Breakdown: 2 pages of yearly calendars, 2 pages of yearly planning pages, 140 pages of monthly + weekly pages, 8 pages of checklist pages, 39 pages of graph pages.


The MIO paper by Kokuyo is a lightweight paper at 60gsm. The paper has a slight texture that is great for ballpoint and gel pens. It also absorbs fountain pen inks quickly. 

As opposed to separating planners by monthly, weekly and daily, PAL planners groups the monthly, weekly and daily pages together by the same month. It has plenty of spaces and the layout is flexible to customize tracking. 

Monthly Pages:
Monthly pages feature a double-page spread, with a small overview calendar of the month on the left, and tracker on the right. The minimal design of calendar provides plenty of space for planning, and for writing down important plans for the month. The monthly tracker provides a centralized page to keep track of important updates and  the tracker is flexible in either timeline or checkbox format. 

Weekly Pages:
Weekly pages feature a small monthly calendar and seven daily sections. The mini monthly calendar highlights the week, and provides an overview space underneath for weekly planning. Each daily section is divided in half. The division can be treated as a flexible timeline or a division depending on your preference. 

Yearly Pages:
A double-page spread with a full page of 2023 yearly calendar on the left and 2022 and 2024 yearly calendars on the right for a useful reference when planning ahead.

Yearly Planning Pages:
A double-page spread with a full page of 2023 yearly vertical calendar for planning ahead.

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