BUNGUBOX Original Ink - Ink tells more - Magic Hour 3 Color Set

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BUNGUBOX inks come in their delightful and original heel-shaped bottles! The unique box packaging allows you to tilt the bottle at an angle when it’s running low, for easy dipping. 

BUNGUBOX Eternal inks are pigment inks that do not clog easily, and are water and light resistant once dried. 

"Eternal Sunset" is the color of a warm, beautiful sunset, the background of most wonderful memories like friends waving goodbye as you head back to your home.

"Eternal Music" depicts a composer writing music at night, the score transcending time and becoming eternal. 

"Eternal First Love" is a deep, vivid blue that evokes the emotions you have for your first love that you can never forget

  • 30 ml Individual Bottles
  • Pigment ink


Established in February 2012 in Hamamatsu City, founded by Kaoru Yamagishi. BUNGUBOX’s mission is to celebrate “writing” with future generations through “tell, spread, and preserve”. BUNGUBOX focuses on writing instruments, especially fountain pens. Writing brings out each person’s personality and feelings, and depending on various situations, a particular ink color can convey more stories and it is indispensable for writing with a fountain pen. "Ink tells more" is BUNGUBOX’s message to everyone, and they hope to find make your lifestyle richer with fountain pens and inks. BUNGUBOX designs products that are simple, smart and special.


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