BUNGUBOX Original Fountain Pen - Thumbelina

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BUNGUBOX Original Fountain Pen - Thumbelina.

This BUNGUBOX mini is inspired by the fairy tale of Thumbelina, a girl the size of a thumb who was born from a tulip flower! Over the course of the story, Thumbelina is kidnapped and almost forced into a marriage - which she narrowly escapes when she saves a dying swallow and rides it back to the "Flower Kingdom". The story ends with Thumbelina marrying the prince of the Kingdom and living happily ever after - a sweet story for the blooming of Spring!

In this Sailor Pro Gear Mini Model, the body features beautiful pearlescent resin in pink and cream. The resin is designed specifically with uneven resin swirls to invoke the feeling of the veins in tulip petals! The 14k nib is engraved with an adorable illustration of a tulip which is also featured on the cap ring along with "Bungubox - Thumbelina." On the rainbow foil finial a sparrow takes flight, another detail of Thumbelina's story.
  • Release Date: 2024
  • Base Model: Sailor Professional Gear Mini
  • 14k Rhodium plated gold nib
  • Fill Mechanism: Cartridge (Sailor proprietary)
  • Compatible with Sailor Mini Converter (Note: Standard converter does not fit due to the shorter body size)
  • Comes with two cartridges in blue-black
  • More Sailor


Established in February 2012 in Hamamatsu City, founded by Kaoru Yamagishi. BUNGUBOX’s mission is to celebrate “writing” with future generations through “tell, spread, and preserve”. BUNGUBOX focuses on writing instruments, especially fountain pens. Writing brings out each person’s personality and feelings, and depending on various situations, a particular ink color can convey more stories and it is indispensable for writing with a fountain pen. "Ink tells more" is BUNGUBOX’s message to everyone, and they hope to find make your lifestyle richer with fountain pens and inks. BUNGUBOX designs products that are simple, smart and special.

About Sailor Mini:

The Sailor Pen Professional Gear Slim Mini, also nicknamed Sapporo Mini, was discontinued from the North American 10 years ago. Limited quantities were later produced exclusively for the Japanese market, and in 2019, Sailor Japan reintroduced them back with 6 new modern colors. The Professional Gear Slim Mini is a shorter version of the Professional Gear Slim. When capped, the Slim Mini is 106 mm in length—or 18 mm shorter than the Slim. However, when posted, it is only 11 mm shorter. This pen is perfect for those compact size pen to fit a small purse or shallow pocket, and want the quality and feel of a slim-sized Professional Gear for pure writing performance. Due to its shorter size, this pen is not suitable for use with a standard converter and therefore does not come with one. Use only standard Sailor cartridge.

    About Sailor:

    Sailor was founded in 1911. The founder Kyugoro Sakata was given a fountain pen by a friend returning from the UK after studying at the Royal Navy. He was inspired and determined to start making fountain pens in Japan. Sailor became the first fountain pen company in Japan, and earned many more firsts in Japan—first ballpoint pen in 1948, first ink cartridge in 1954 and first brush pen in 1972, etc.

    In the 1970s, Sailor made a popular beginner fountain pen, "Candy," that sold more than 15 million within a few years. However, the number of the fountain pen users were declining as ballpoint pens became more mainstream.

    In 1981, Sailor decided to go in the opposite direction from their "Candy" pen and began focusing on producing a higher standard series, which is the 1911 series we see today. Their focus on making a higher standard provides a great foundation for their later series of pens. Today, Sailor makes one of the most diverse lines of nibs, some of which are designed for specific writing purposes such as writing musical notes to one that is best for character writing.