Brause Calligraphy Nib - Pfannen 50 - Set of 3

The Brause Pfannen Nib is a hard nib with reinforced elasticity and a medium thickness tip. The hard elasticity and wider shape makes it a ideal for writing in print and block letters. 

About Brause:

Founded in 1850 by the Brause brothers and Carl Bergfeld, the German company was originally a needle and bike spoke manufacturer. It wasn't until 1895 that Brause settled into their high quality fountain pens and nibs that are still around today. According to Brause, they have developed over 400 different nib types to this day. Some of their most well known nibs are the Arrow - for precise and flexible copperplate calligraphy, the Blue Pumpkin - known for its blue color and high ink capacity, and the Music nib - specially made for music staff creation and ornate lettering.