Bande Transfer Masking Tape - Heart

Bande Transfer Masking Tape. They can be used on paper, wood, glass and other smooth surfaces. Overlay the stickers in your journal, on cards, or other objects to create your own designs. To use, cut out the desired length, position it on the surface you wish to print on, use a hard edge such as the wooden transfer stick to scratch all over the design and then remove the outer tape layer to reveal the finished print-on. Transfer Masking tape is a new series by Bande released December of 2019. 

  • Dimensions: 13mm x 5m

About Bande:

Bande washi, made by a Japanese company 西川コミュニケーションズ株式会社, a company that specializes paper and prints since 1949. Bande features petals of life like washi that are layered into rolls. Each roll comes with 6~20 designs that allows you to create your own design of flower bouquet or bundle. The prints are beautiful and soft. They are thin and adhesive to the surfaces, but not too sticky to leave any glue marks. They are great for decorating journals, cards, scrapbooks and smooth surfaces such as phone cases, laptops and glasses.