Airmail Pad

This nostalgic Airmail Pad comes with thin sheets of blank paper to recreate the letter paper of days past. When aviation was first becoming popular in the early 20th century, people were able to write a letter and send it far away in a shorter amount of time. The highly recognizable airmail envelopes with different colored borders became a way for the post office to easily sort through international and domestic mail as different countries would have different colors on their airmail envelopes. The traditional letter paper inside these envelopes was very thin, crinkly and light in order to reduce the cost of the expensive airmail service. This letter pad uses a similar thin, almost translucent paper and evokes a nostalgic feeling when writing.

  • Size: B5
  • Guide sheet with vertical and horizontal lined paper included
  • 54 sheets of plain paper 
  • Blank white paper