Company Warranties

Here at Yoseka Stationery, as an authorized retailers for many brands we represent and love, we can help you navigate the warranty process for each brand. Each brand takes care of their warranty differently, and below shows the official policy from each brand. Can't find what you are looking for? You can send us an email at or shoot us a message via our Facebook or Instagram 


Lamy pen comes with lifetime warranty. As long as the damage is not caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorized service and the use of other manufacturers refills or inks, the pen will be repaired without additional charges. 

Lamy Customer Service: 800-345-6798

Pilot Fine Writing and Namiki

Pilot guarantees all of its products*. If you are not satisfied with the performance of any Pilot product, return the product, postage paid, and we will replace it free of charge with a comparable product.
*Pilot Fine Writing and Namiki product purchases are covered by a separate warranty that is specific to those product lines. Please refer to the following product listing for your convenience.

Lifetime Warranty: Emperor, Yukari Royale, Yukari, Nippon Art
3 Years Warranty: Sterling, Justus 95, Falcon, Fermo, Vanishing Point
1 Year Warranty: Custom 823, Custom 912, Custom 74, Heritage, Stargazer, Stanza, Ageless, Prera, Knight, Axiom

Customer Service: (904) 645-9999

Return Address:
Pilot Corporation of America
Customer Service Manager
3855 Regent Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32224
If a customer damages their product, they can request a repair evaluation.  Sometimes a customer will attempt a warranty claim when they bend their nib.  Of course, this is not a warranty claim. It would be damage caused by improper use.


Any pen over $120 qualifies for a 1 year warranty from manufacturing defects. Any customers who shop through Yoseka Stationery can request through Yoseka. We will accept and process warranty, service, repair claim requests from customers and interface with Platinum on behalf of our customers.


If an item is received damaged please contact

Return Address:
3904 Del Amo Blvd #804
Torrance, CA 90503


Yoseka Stationery accepts and process warranty, service, and repair claim requests from North American end consumers for all Sailor Pen products purchased from the Retailer. All North America Sailor Pens with a 14k or 21k gold nib include a North America Sailor Pen Warranty Card that end consumers should present as proof that the Sailor Pen was purchased in North America. 

1 Year Warranty

Yoseka Stationery receives the product requiring warranty, service, or repair work from the end consumer, then send to ITOYA. Warranty work will be processed and completed by ITOYA at no charge. 
For Sailor Pen service and warranty claim requests for Sailor Pens purchased not from Yoseka Stationery, please contact ITOYA directly. Additional instructions on Service and Warranty can be found on the Sailor Pen Service and Warranty instruction sheet.