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SARASA Grand - Vintage Series - 0.3mm

Brown Grey
Dark Blue
Green Black
Camel Yellow
Cassis Black

SARASA Grand extends the design of the SARASA Clip with a sleek metal body. It's available in the popular SARASA Clip vintage color series, first introduced in September 2016 with five colors, with additional five more colors in 2019. The colors are retro and vintage, familiar yet slightly different and unique colors. 
Just like SARASA Clip, the clip is strong, and it’s easy to clip to pockets, notebooks and even in place of a real paper clip. It has a heavier and more durable body as the Clip version, and they all share the same type of refill.
The 2024 renewed SARASA Grand is made of lighter material and the pen clip is redesigned to be more comfortable when clicking the knock. It is now available in 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm.