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Ink Sample - Diamine Blue Edition

This online ink sample goes with our Yoseka ink sample collection card. Our ink samples will come in these tiny adorable glass bottles. They can hold up to 5ml, and you can pick either 3ml or 5ml of each color.

These bottles are meant to be reusable. Here’s how it works with the ink collection card online:

  • Every time, you pick a few colors along with your order
  • Each time, use the card to keep track of your new colors
  • On your 10th color, we will include a box and return label with your order.
  • Return your 10 empty bottles to us, and your next sample ink is on us 

Diamine Blue Edition is a series of ink introduced in Diamine's 2019 Inkvent calendar -- an ink sample advent calendar with total of 25 samples. In 2020, Diamine decided to release the 25 colors as regular colors.

Regular Diamine Blue Edition bottles: