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Our Yoseka Shop T-Shirt was designed by Ashley to share a bit of our love for the Yoseka storefront in the form of a t-shirt. Ashley's main illustration appears on the back of the garment, screenprinted in green and white ink. The front caption "from Taiwan to New York" is the history of where Yoseka came from and where it is now. 

The classic black color is a color that the entire Yoseka team tends to wear, even into the summer. We hope that this t-shirt will extend the feeling of being on a stationery loving team and keep you company as you travel about and journal.

For longevity, please refrain from ironing the screen printed design areas. This screen print paint will not crack over time, but will eventually blend and integrate more into the shirt with each wash. Recommended washing inside-out with like colors on cold.
Measurements listed on the size chart are NOT body measurements. They are of the garment itself, laid on a flat surface. To figure out which size would fit you best, choose a t-shirt you already own, lay it on a flat surface and match up the measurements as you see fit. If you use your body measurements, your garment will not fit! Sizes can vary ~1 inch due to manufacturing variations and due to the fact that they are measured by-hand, so if you are in between sizes, we recommend ordering a size up!

Yoseka Special Projects:

At the beginning of 2022, we set our goal for the year to be the creation of special projects with each of our team members that we could share with our customers. Over the next few months, we announced the release of these items. From Jane’s Yoseka Museum Postcard/Pencil Board to Ashley’s Note Writing Pad to Christine’s Fountain Pen Bookmark, every detail of each of these products was thoughtfully planned. Our main motivation for these special projects was to encourage our team to use their creativity, which we wanted to share with you all, and we are proud that we have gotten to a place where we are able to devote some of our resources during each work day to creation, design and experimentation. Read more about Yoseka's Special Projects here.