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Tombow Adhesive Applicator


Tombow Adhesive Applicator

The Tombow Adhesive Applicator Removable - instantly creates a removable bond for self-sticking and removing without tearing paper, and you can easily remove the adhesive from surfaces by rubbing it away.

The Tombow Adhesive Applicator Permanent - has a double-sided adhesive that is mess-free with no drying time. Great for use with paper crafting, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, school projects, memory keeping, creative notebooks, card making, etc.

  • Adhesive line dimensions: 8.4mm x 12m
  • Available in either removable or permanent
  • Refill available

To use:

  1. Pull cover away from tip and lock into place
  2. Grasp applicator and press against paper at angle shown
  3. With consistent pressure, slowly roll adhesive onto surface
  4. When finished applying, lift applicator straight off surface

About Tombow:

Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. was established in Japan in 1913 as a manufacturer of wood-cased lead and colored pencils. It is not an exaggeration to say that every student in Japan has grown up with the Tombow pencil.

During the past four decades, Tombow has diversified its manufacturing program to include ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, markers, correction tape, glue sticks, liquid glues, adhesive tape, and dry highlighters. Today, Tombow has achieved an outstanding reputation for its unique, innovative and original products.