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Stationery Fest Canvas Tote Bag

Stationery Fest Tote Bag

The Stationery Fest Tote Bag is a modified design of the Stationery Fest poster, which was illustrated by good friend of Yoseka, ame (ameruu). The Stationery Fest poster illustration is screen printed in bright mint, teal, orange, and pink inks. 

For longevity, please refrain from ironing the screen printed design areas. This screen print paint will not crack over time, but will eventually blend and integrate more into the tote with each wash. Recommended washing inside-out with like colors on cold.

About Stationery Fest:

At Stationery Fest, we will be bringing together stationery brands and working together with these brands to create experiences that will allow you to learn about each brand’s mission and story, and how these are reflected in their products. Through interactive workshops centered around customization, and community-building social events such as meetups, we hope to bring more people in the passionate and wonderful stationery community together, and empower more people to find the perfect creative tools for themselves.