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Hobby Stationery Box Vol 66

趣味の文具箱 Hobby Stationery Box Vol 66

The first special feature focuses on the whirlwind of wooden shaft pens, which are currently enjoying immense popularity among young adults. Delve into the craftsmanship behind these unique writing instruments, exploring the influence of different wood species on grip and writing comfort. Experience the joy of aging wood, similar to leather, and learn from interviews with woodworkers and the expert insights of Shisa.

The second special feature unveils four European and American brands that will captivate fountain pen collectors. Witness the revival of iconic brands like "Bexley," "Wall Eversharp," and "Conway Stuart," alongside the introduction of the new brand "Armando Simoni Club," promising to invigorate the Japanese fountain pen market.

This issue of 'Hobby Stationery Box' also includes popular series like 'Morning Musume. Hello Okamura Homare Stationery!' and 'Hoshino Katsura's stationery LIFE,' along with a variety of engaging articles covering writing instruments, hand lettering, notebook hobbies, and much more.

This volume features the latest information on new inks from out of Japan, new series of Japanese brands, and popular local inks.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Release: July 2023

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