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Hobby Stationery Box Vol 65

趣味の文具箱 Hobby Stationery Box Vol 65

Hobby Stationery Box's 65th features stationery used by famous people in Japan. It introduces the stationery that people who are active in different fields love. Each one showcases their favorite items because its functionality, design, the history behind the brand or because it was handed down from an important person.

The second feature focuses on Pilot's "Custom" fountain pen series, and company's manufacturing process. "Custom" is a fountain pen that continues to carry the history and tradition of PILOT for over 100 years. Its functional and designed to write Japanese letters beautifully. In this feature, it also dives into Pilot's craftsmanship, which continues to support writers around the world.

This volume features the latest information on new inks from out of Japan, new series of Japanese brands, and popular local inks.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Release: April 2023

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