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Hobby Stationery Box Vol 56

趣味の文具箱 Hobby Stationery Box Vol 56

The 56th volume features pretty pens - pens that are made with colorful materials, made in different pretty shapes, or painted with traditional Japanese arts. It also features glass pens that are made by different glass studios in Japan. As usual, it includes recent new pens, notebooks as well as many recently released inks. 


- "Parker 51" 20th century masterpiece revives
- Maruzen Store World Fountain Pen Exhibition new releases
- Sakura Color Products Ball Sign iD Interview - 6 Colors of Black
- Introducing 17 Japanese artist glass pens
- Italian pen fascinating colors
- Lamy safari shaft color rearrangement experiment
- How to enjoy brush pen
- Functional beauty of drafting mechanical pencil
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release: January 2021