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Yoseka x Sailor - 申 Refresh Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen

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申 Refresh Fountain Pen is the continuation of our 由 Origin Fountain Pen and is the second fountain pen in our three-part 由申甲 Yoseka series. Together, the first two pens stand for Yoseka’s journey from the first steps Neil and I took when we began our pop-ups to the evolution and growth all made possible with the addition of each incredibly unique and talented person on our team. 

Our Origin pen was dark green–the same color you see iterated on over and over again at Yoseka–on our aprons, our store sign, our tote bag, our ink. We chose this color because it paid respect to the history and foundation of Yoseka: Neil’s parents’ store and our earliest partners that helped us get to where we are. 

The colors of our 申 Refresh Fountain Pen were dreamt up by Soraya, our first full time employee at Yoseka. It is the combination of a refreshing new take on our original green color with an accent of Soraya’s favorite color and the color that the rest of us inevitably see when we think of her. The barrel and cap of 申 Refresh is a shimmery dewy cool blue-green with transparent shimmer peach-coral finials. 

With Refresh, we wish to celebrate Yoseka’s growth, made possible by our team members. This year, we set out to create special projects with each team member that reflect their individual style and talents. This fountain pen is the product of our whole team’s efforts and it is our team’s collaborative special project. Together, we chose the colors of this pen; together, we thought of ways to showcase this pen’s subtle yet beautiful style; and together, we will be working on sending these pens out to anyone who would love one. 

申 Refresh is dedicated to our team whose creativity amazes us, who share our commitment to customer service and have worked with us towards our dream of inspiring people with meaningful tools and stationery. In them, we see Yoseka’s future.

  • Original release date: 6/1/2022
  • Model: Sailor Pro Gear Slim
  • 14K Rhodium-plated gold Nib
  • Color: Dewy cool blue-green
  • Shimmer finish
  • "申" custom finial 
  • Silver trim
  • Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter (Sailor proprietary) 
  • Comes with a converter and a cartridge
  • Limited production
  • More  由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series
  • Pre-orders taken from 4/8/23 to 4/15/23. Orders estimated to be shipped September 2023.
  • Restock expected around September 2023.

      Yoseka Special Projects:

      At the beginning of 2022, we set our goal for the year to be the creation of special projects with each of our team members that we could share with our customers. Over the next few months, we announced the release of these items. From Jane’s Yoseka Museum Postcard/Pencil Board to Ashley’s Note Writing Pad to Christine’s Fountain Pen Bookmark, every detail of each of these products was thoughtfully planned. Our main motivation for these special projects was to encourage our team to use their creativity, which we wanted to share with you all, and we are proud that we have gotten to a place where we are able to devote some of our resources during each work day to creation, design and experimentation. Read more about Yoseka's Special Projects.

      由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series:

          Beginning in 2021, we began our 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series. Our first release was the 由 Origin Fountain Pen, a transparent green Sailor Pro Gear Slim with gold glitter particles suspended in the pen cap and barrel. The color of this pen came from the color of Neil’s parents’ stationery store in Taiwan. This pen was dedicated to Yoseka’s earliest partners that helped us open our shop. In 2022, our 申 Refresh Fountain Pen was released. Designed by our first employee, Soraya, Refresh was a celebration of our team members, a group of people we have been fortunate enough to find. We rely on them everyday to create a meaningful experience at Yoseka. In 2023, the final pen in the 由申甲 Yoseka Series was released. The 甲 Home Fountain Pen is a celebration of dreams and the gratitude we feel for being able to build the home of our dreams at Yoseka.


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