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Platinum Classic Maki-e Fountain Pen - Brush Warbler

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Platinum's Modern Maki-e fountain pens utilize Urushi lacquer with maki-e to finish these slender artful pens. Maki-e is an art technique that involves utilizing gold powder sprinkled to achieve the beautiful finished motif depicted on the barrel of the pen. In Platinum's Modern Maki-e series, the images depicted on the pens are silk-screened and accents are finished by hand using maki-e techniques. In Japan, these Modern Maki-e fountain pens are within a collection called 美巧, roughly translating to "skilled beauty," undoubtedly inspired by the craftsmanship and artistic beauty of the pens within the collection. 

About Platinum & 3776:

Originally released in 1978, Platinum 3776, is one of Platinum's iconic pen series and over the years, Platinum has added many colors as well as limited and special editions to the 3776 line. 3776 stands for the height of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain and when it was first released in 1978, it was awarded the "Good Design Prize" by the Japanese government. In 2011, the "Century 3776" series was released in honor of the approaching 100th anniversary of Platinum and was designed to maintain the quality standards defined by the original 3776 combined with the needs of a modern fountain pen user: new sleek design, comfortable writing balance, and smooth flow. Century 3776 employs Platinum's own "Slip and Seal Mechanism" that employs a spring in the cap to force an air tight closure around the nib, thus preventing ink from drying out in this fountain pen for up to a year.