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Plain Stationery Today's Stamps Storage Box

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Plain Stationery Today's Stamp Storage Box were made for you to neatly organize and store all of your favorite Today's Stamps! The dimensions of these boxes were designed to fit 6 large Today's Stamps or 12 small Today's Stamps perfectly. You can also mix and match your large and small Today's Stamps in this box. Made out of thick card stock paper, these storage boxes come with adorable retro designs and bright fun colored packaging. You can also use them as gift boxes or storage boxes for any other small stationeries that would otherwise be without a home on your desk. By design, the bottom paperboard that comes with each storage box is not attached to the bottom since you'll be storing inky stamps in this box and once the paperboard gets dirtied, you'll be able to flip it over to the clean side and even replace it as you go. We love seeing these cute boxes and it's even more delightful sliding them open to see what's stored inside each one! 

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