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Pilot Custom Heritage 912

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The Custom Heritage 912 comes with an elegant styling and a great writing experience with a unique 14-karat gold rhodium-plated nib. This pen is refillable for continued use with a cartridge or a Pilot CON-70 converter. With an array of 15 different nib, each nib offers an unrivaled, yet unique, writing experience.
  • Pilot Custom 912
  • 14K Size 10 Pilot Nib
  • The pen comes with a CON-70 converter
  • Compatible cartridges can be found here: Pilot/Namiki Fountain Pens

• Extra Fine (EF): a hard nib for small lettering, almost needle point.
• Fine (F): a hard nib for fine lettering.
• Fine Medium (FM): a hard nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
• Medium (M): a hard nib for medium lettering.
• Broad (B): a hard nib for bold lettering.
• Double Broad (BB): hard big for very bold lettering. Between a Broad and Coarse.
• Soft Fine (SF): a soft nib for fine lettering.
• Soft Fine Medium (SFM): a soft nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
• Soft Medium (SM): a soft nib for medium lettering.
• Falcon (FA): features the ingeniously-crafted “hooded” design allowing for subtle flex while writing.
• Waverly (WA): designed with a slightly upturned tip delivering a uniquely flexible and customized, exceptionally smooth writing experience, regardless of the angle of writing.
• Stub (SU): features a blunted, squared-off tip for broad vertical strokes and thin
horizontal strokes. Traditional italic nib.
• Music (MS): features three tines and was originally designed for writing sheet music and calligraphy. Modern italic nib.
• Coarse (C): extra broad nib for extremely bold lines.
• Posting (PO): hard nib with a downturned tip shape that makes very fine, crisp lines with little pressure. Preferred for writing on paper prone to feathering.