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MU Journal Supplies Stockbook

The MU Journal Supplies Stockbook is a binder keeps cut-off transfer stickers and other pieces of journaling ephemera neatly organized. The book features a two-ring binder in the spine where the inserts go. The inserts are slightly sticky white pages with a clear sheet that covers each page. They are double-sided, so you can keep stickers on either side. To use, simply peel back the clear cover, place your small cut-off pieces of MU transfer stickers with their backing still on, then place the cover back over the page. Smooth out the clear cover afterwards. 

  • Comes with five refill pages
  • Cover size: 22.5cm x 13.5cm (8.9" x 5.3")
  • Sticky page area: 15.5cm x 11.3cm (6.1" x 4.4")
  • Refill pages available here
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