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MU Inky Pen


MU Inky Pen

The MU Inky Pen is an extremely compact stamp pad set, which makes stamping on the go a breeze! The Ink is oil based and features varied color collections including a metallic set. The stamp pads can be stacked into a longer pen, or taken apart and used individually. One Inky Pen includes multiple colors so it is possible to create gradual color changes within a single stamp with ease!

These Inky Pens are a great partner to the MU's clear stamp sets, but are also perfect for any stamp especially if your desired effect is a color gradient or partial coloring! The ink is very pigmented and only needs light pressure to transfer ink color to the stamp. If the inky pen is pressed too hard, the ink can transfer heavily to the stamp and cause the ink to have a long dry time and smudge on the paper.