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MU Collection Dried Flower Sticker

The MU Collection Dried Flower Sticker brings you a brand new way of adding real dried flowers or foliage onto your journal or diary. Similar to MU's most renowned print-on stickers, you can simply start with cutting out your desired sticker area that would fully cover the dried flower. Then separate the back paper and cover the dried flower with the sticker. Use a hard edge tool, such as the wooden transfer stick, to scratch all over the design. Finally, tear off the transparent paper on the sticker to transfer it onto the paper.

This sticker sheet is recommended to be used with dried flowers that can lay completely flat on a paper surface. You can also overlay these dried flower stickers with other MU Print-On Stickers to elevate your collage art with some 3-dimensional elements. 

  • 5 sheets per pack
  • Includes one dried flower per pack
  • Dimensions of sheets: 3.9in (10cm) x 5.9in (15cm)
  • To use:
    • Cut out the desired pattern
    • Separate the back paper
    • Cover the dried flower with the sticker and position it on the surface you wish to print on
    • Use a hard straight edge to scratch all over the design
    • Tear off the plastic layer to reveal the finished print-on
  • Can be used with MU Print-On Wooden Stick to easily apply the transfer stickers