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Mizushima x Matsuo Miyuki Letterset

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Mizushima collaborated with Japanese illustrator, Matsuo Miyuki to create these charming lettersets. Each letterset combines patterned straw paper, grey kraft paper, and translucent envelopes. You're meant to write your letter on the grey kraft paper, wrap it in the patterned straw paper and tuck the package inside the envelope. The straw paper comes in 3 different whimsical designs using similar motifs from the matching Mizushima x Matsuo Miyuki Jizai Clear Stamp series

  • 6 sheets patterned straw paper (3 designs, 2 sheets each)
  • 6 sheets grey kraft paper, 3 translucent envelopes
  • Available in: Cats and Birds
  • Dimensions:
    • Patterned straw paper: 6"W x 8.5"L (157×220 mm)
    • Grey kraft paper: 5.8"W x 8.3"L (148×210 mm)
    • Envelope: 6.4"W x 4.5"L (162×114 mm)
  • More in the Mizushima x Matsuo Miyuki series

About Mizushima:

Mizushima was founded in 2006 by a designer who loves polka dots and a stationery shop owner who loves stripes. In fact, Mizushima is a mash up of mizutama (“polka dots”) and shima-shima (“stripes”). Mizushima creates stationery items with unique and endearing motifs and superior craftsmanship.